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Gravel can be excellent to create outdoor areas such as driveways, paths and gardens both charming and practical. At Brenchley Driveways Gravel Driveways Tonbridge, you’ll find a vast range of gravel in several sizes, colours and forms to suit many driveway design projects.

Your chosen product should be angular as this doesn’t dislodge easily when driven on (avoid rounded shape materials, as their rounded shape ruts easily when operated on). The most common sizes for driveway gravel are 14 or 20mm and normally consist of a granite, basalt or flint (as they are hard wearing).

If you choose to lay a membrane layer on your driveway (to prevent weeds growing), select the polypropylene material which will adequately withstand cars and other vehicles. All membranes are permeable which means water can soak through and away naturally.

Laying Depth: For driveways, Brenchley Driveways Tonbridge suggests a laying depth of 50mm (2 inches).

Decorative Gravel

As well as gravel on driveways and paths, gravel can also be applied for common landscaping projects or to give a nice contrast when tidying up patio edges throughout the garden. If you require to keep the weeds away, then we would recommend placing your chosen gravel on top of a membrane again which assists in preventing weeds growing but will still allow rain water to soak into to the soil to disperse naturally.

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